Concert Tickets

Tickets are available one to two weeks prior to concerts and 20-30 minutes before starting time at the door. Prices and options vary by concert. Information will be updated on this page.

General Information


All seating is a first come first serve basis unless marked as reserved.


Free parking is available in the lot at the corner of Del Amo Boulevard and Victor Street.

Concert Guidelines

In order to ensure that our concerts are a great experience for everyone, we kindly ask audience members to:

  • Show support for all students through applause.

  • Turn phones on "Do Not Disturb" setting and lower screen brightness.

  • Enter and exit the auditorium during applause only.

  • Keep voices down during performances.

  • Avoid blocking the view of other guests or the aisles if recording.


Food and beverages will be available during Intermission of select concerts held in the West High School Performing Arts Center. We ask that you consume these outside the lobby, as eating and drinking is not allowed inside. All proceeds will contribute to transportation, uniform maintenance, sheet music, and festival fees. Food and beverages will be included in the ticket price for Coffee House concerts.

*We will not be selling concessions until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.