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Mr. Antone Rodich

West High School Choir Director

20401 Victor St, Torrance, CA 90503


Q: Do I need to have a "good voice" or musical experience to join choir?

A: No, all students and levels are welcome! You will develop your own unique voice in a group setting that is safe and supportive.

Q: Is choir a class?

A: Yes, each of the West High Choirs is a year-long course that counts for visual/performing arts credit.

Q: Can I take choir as well as sports/theatre/AP & Honors courses?

A: Absolutely! We have members in all of these activities.

Q: What kind of music will I learn in choir?

A: We make it a priority to introduce students to a wide variety of styles and cultures: pop, classical, jazz, musical theatre, gospel, and folk.

Q: If I was not selected for the advanced choir I auditioned for, will I still be able to join?

A: As long as you've signed up for choir as a class – you're already in! No one gets cut from the team. You will be automatically be moved into the appropriate class after all auditions are over.